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Harrell Nowak Values

Our Values

At Harrell & Nowak our goal is to achieve great results, while at the same time, making the experience as stress-free for our clients as possible. We know that our clients want their cases resolved quickly, so we work hard to constantly improve our process to make sure that our cases are moving as quickly as possible through the legal systems.

We also provide friendly, personal attention from a New Orleans personal injury attorney through frequent updates and legal guidance as the case progresses.

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About Harrell & Nowak

As experienced lawyers, Shirin Harrell and Eric Nowak have handled hundreds of cases which resulted in millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for their clients. With an enviable success rate, our personal injury lawyers and accident attorneys serve clients from New Orleans and areas throughout Louisiana. They have a proven track record that is hard to beat.

Harrell & Nowak handles cases involving serious injuries from car accidents, truck accidents, medical errors, medical malpractice, slips and falls, toxic exposures – any personal injury caused by the fault of someone else. Our accident lawyers have also successfully prosecuted insurance disputes, and environmental cases.

Harrell Nowak Values

Our Attorneys

Shirin Harrell

Shirin Harrell has represented clients whose claims involved medical malpractice, products liability, healthcare law, healthcare litigation, managed care, personal injury and insurance disputes. As a registered nurse and attorney, Shirin is familiar with the healthcare system.

Eric Nowak

Eric Nowak represents individuals, families, and businesses at both the federal and state court systems in tort lawsuits for physical and mental injuries, contract disputes, and insurance litigation. Many of his cases involve issues based on medicine and science—such as serious injury cases, medical malpractice, defective products, and toxic exposures.


  • The attorneys at Harrell & Nowak are very loyal to their clients, that’s why I recommend them to my friends.

    Adelaide Wallace
  • I was comfortable with Eric Nowak from the very first meeting. He put me at ease.

    Rose Wilson
  • The attorneys at Harrell & Nowak are really winners.

    Harry Hildebrand
  • Harrell & Nowak attorneys are very professional, courteous and prompt. I would recommend Harrell & Nowak to my friends and family members.

    Theresa Grajkowski
  • What I like most about my experience with Harrell & Nowak was their dedication. With Harrell & Nowak you can put your faith in them to get the job done.

    LaQuina Brown

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