Harrell & Nowak settles surgical error and medical malpractice lawsuit for $500,000 for stomach, colon, and abdomen injuries

After undergoing stomach surgery, an elderly woman suffered serious injuries to her stomach, colon, and abdomen.  After a second surgery, the woman was informed by her doctor that the previous doctor had made a serious medical mistake.  The mistake was the cause of her injuries in the stomach, colon, and abdomen.  Initially the first surgeon denied any wrongdoing, but after hiring Harrell & Nowak, the liability was proven, and the doctor and state compensation fund entered into a settlement for the maximum amount provided by Louisiana law in medical malpractice cases.  A $500,000 settlement occurred.

If you or a family member are hurt by a surgical mistake or surgery error, you need to contact a skilled medical malpractice lawyer.  Harrell & Nowak has assisted many families.   Partner Shirin Harrell is a nurse and a lawyer, so she brings a unique set of skills and experience to all medical malpractice injuries.  Call if you would like a free consultation.