Man Hits Three-Year-Old Girl with Pickup at Mardi Gras Bash

Police arrested a 23-year-old man after he ran his Dodge pickup into a three-year-old girl while leaving a Mardi Gras party last month. The girl’s injuries are “moderate” and doctor’s expect her to recover. The truck accident occurred in the 2600 block of Johnston Street when the driver left a private parking lot. According to police, he attempted to circumvent the roadway by driving behind the Albertson’s and getting onto Meaux Boulevard. Two juveniles were passengers in the driver’s truck.

Authorities are charging the driver with the following:


·         Aggravated flight

·         Driving under suspension

·         OWI

·         Open alcohol container

·         Child endangerment

·         Attempted murder

A Lafayette Police Department spokesperson said he did not know why authorities are charging the driver with attempted murder. Not enough facts were available at the time. The accident occurred in the area of the Krewe of Carnivale en Rio parade, which had not yet reached the accident location.

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