Motorcycle Accident Victim’s Family Sues Employer

Louisiana Oilfield Divers is the defendant in a lawsuit resulting from a crewmember who died in a fatal motorcycle accident in April 2010. The victim worked as a seaman, commercial diver and crewmember for Louisiana Oilfield Divers, and his family filed suit on February 9 in New Orleans federal court.

Last April, the victim’s vessel returned to shore due to inclement weather. The victim and some co-workers went to a supervisor’s home, where they were to await for further instructions. The plaintiff claims that the defendant’s supervisors served alcohol to the victim and other employees. After the victim had consumed a large amount of alcohol, a supervisor allegedly handed him the keys to a motorcycle. The victim went for a ride and died in an accident.

The family is suing Louisiana Oilfield Divers for the following:

        ·         Negligence for failing to properly plan for the evacuation

·         Providing alcohol to crew members

·         Providing motorcycle keys to the victim  knowing he had consumed alcohol

·         Failing to provide the victim with a safe and nonhazardous workplace

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