Federal Judge Denies Louisiana Company’s Request to Seal Evidence

A United States Magistrate judge in Shreveport denied Cleco Corporation’s request to seal video depositions and deposition transcripts of its CEO and other executives in a racial discrimination lawsuit. Thirteen current and former Cleco workers are suing the Pineville company in United States District Court. The plaintiffs allege they worked in a hostile environment and that promotions went to lesser-qualified white employees.

Cleco wanted the depositions sealed to protect the privacy of employees who are not party to the lawsuit. The judge ruled that Cleco had not shown good cause to seal the video evidence, and that he did not see any testimony in the depositions that would cause embarrassment to the CEO or threaten anyone’s privacy.

The judge cited the public’s interest in the case, and that it was not odd that litigation involving a local company would garner attention. The judge’s order went on to say there would be no further video depositions in the case because they are subject to manipulation by editing.

In addition to the CEO’s testimony, Cleco wanted to seal the video depositions of its senior VP of governmental affairs and its chief diversity officer.

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