Harrell & Nowak hired to help family recover life insurance proceeds

An Alabama man signed up for and purchased life insurance through an offer from his credit card company.  The life insurance was for $100,000, and he listed his aunt from Louisiana as his beneficiary (he had no children).  The policy required that he pay his premiums through the credit card that the insurance company billed monthly. 

The insurance company decided to quit billing the credit card, and then sent the man a letter saying the life insurance policy had lapsed due to non-payment, even though the company was the reason for the nonpayment.  The man immediately sent the premium to the company, and confirmed that his credit card account was open and had been paid.  The insurance company refused to acknowledge its mistake. It also refused to reinstate the policy or issue a new policy because the man had recently been diagnosed with cancer.  He died from the cancer, still fighting the insurance company.

Harrell & Nowak was retained to obtain the life insurance proceeds for the listed and proper beneficiary, his aunt.  Harrell & Nowak has successfully assisted families with life insurance matters in the past, and has even been hired by a life insurance company to provide legal expertise in situations where their is a dispute between beneficiaries.  Louisiana law and most other states require insurance companies to fulfill their insurance contracts and to honor the premiums people pay for them, otherwise the policy holder has a valid claim.  Our insurance lawyers can help.