Louisiana Man Sentenced for Hit-and-Run Crash

A Louisiana district judge sentenced a 27-year-old man earlier this month for a hit-and-run accident last July. The driver pleaded guilty to two charges of first-degree vehicular negligent injury and received five years in prison. The judge suspended the prison terms and placed the man on five years of supervised probation. In addition, the judge sentenced the man to four months in jail on a DWI charge.

In July 2010, the man was driving his 1990 Lincoln Town Car east on La.8. A Louisiana parole agent’s unmarked vehicle and another vehicle were at a stop on the roadside. The parole agent’s vehicle had a strobe bar in the front and rear windshields, which was activated at the time of the car accident. A police report indicated it was daylight and the agent and the other pedestrian were plainly visible to on-coming traffic. The man drove off the road and hit both pedestrians.

After the impact, the driver continued traveling east before turning around and driving through the accident scene. He failed to check on the injured or make his identity known. He continued driving east on La. 8 before a Vernon Parish Deputy arrested him at a grocery store. He failed all of the sobriety tests and passed out in a chair while waiting to be booked. The parole agent and the other pedestrian both suffered moderate injuries in the accident.

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