Police Arrest Drunk Driver after Crash at Ball Field

Police arrested a 41-year-old Louisiana man after he crashed his truck at a baseball field in West Monroe. When officers arrived at the scene of the single vehicle accident, they questioned the man who swayed as he stood, and his eyes appeared red and watery. Witnesses told police he lost control of his truck and crashed it into some parking stalls. They saw the suspect throw two beer cans from his truck into the parking lot.

The man did not speak English and began yelling obscenities when officers arrested him. The suspect’s blood alcohol content was .202. Louisiana’s legal limit is .08. Officers charged him with DWI, open container, careless operation of a vehicle, driving under suspension, criminal damage to property and disturbing the police by language. His bond was set at $41,700. It was the suspect’s third DWI offense.

The suspect has a criminal history, which includes two DWI arrests in 2005 and 2006. He also has two DWI test refusals in 2010.

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