Six-Year-Old Louisiana Boy Dies from Head Injury after Bus Accident

A six-year-old boy in Lafayette Parish died from his severe head injuries after a school bus dragged him last month. The bus picked up the boy along with several other children when his clothing caught on the outside of the bus door. Investigators say the driver did not see the boy and closed the bus doors. The bus dragged the boy approximately 20 feet before he fell to the ground.

Emergency workers rushed the boy to a nearby hospital where he died from his injuries. The school bus driver has been with the school system for about 20 years. Authorities gave him an alcohol breathalyzer test, which he passed at 0.00, and authorities have not filed charges at this time. The accident is still under investigation. The bus driver is on leave pending the investigation’s outcome.

There were 19 children on the bus at the time and the school offered grief counseling. Other students at the school met with a counseling crisis team.

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