Tulane Medical Hospital Sued for Failing to Sterilize Endoscope

Patients filed a class action suit against the Tulane University Medical Center and Clinic in Orleans Parish Civil District Court for failing to properly sterilize an endoscope between October and December of 2010. The hospital error potentially exposed the 360 plaintiffs to HIV and hepatitis from the non-sterilized endoscope.

In January, the hospital sent a letter to the patients explaining that health care workers did not follow the five-step process to sterilize the endoscope. The letter said that the hospital contacted the Louisiana Department of Health’s Infectious Disease Epidemiology Section who said that the risk of infection was minimal to non-existent.

The lawsuit alleges negligence, specifically that the hospital negligently exposed patients to infectious diseases. Plaintiffs are asking damages for past and future medical expenses, reasonable fear and fright associated with contracting infectious diseases and loss of enjoyment of life.

The hospital offered free screenings and medical monitoring to affected patients and set-up a call line for those affected.

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