Avoid Becoming a Hit-and-Run Victim

It is hard to believe that some drivers do not stop after knowingly colliding with a pedestrian or another vehicle, but it does happen thousands of time ever year. Hit-and-run accidents become a matter for the criminal courts, but the victims have to deal with painful injuries and costly medical expenses.

One of the main incidents leading to a hit-and-run is when a motorist experiences car trouble and pulls over on the roadside. If you find yourself in this potentially hazardous situation, keep the following safety tips in mind.

•         If you have to stop on the highway, be safe and stop on the right shoulder – safety experts say that stopping on the left side increases your chances of being involved in an accident by 80 percent.

•         Carry flares or triangles in your trunk to mark your location once you come to a stop on the side of the road – turn on your hazard lights as well.

•         If you are member of an emergency roadside service, call for assistance instead of getting out of the car to fix the problem yourself – working on your vehicle in high traffic or where oncoming motorists may not see you is extremely dangerous.

•         Maintain your car and check the tires before a long trip – tire blowouts are a common reason vehicles become inoperable.

·         Check your tires periodically for wear and tear, cuts, or abrasions that could cause the tire to deflate while you are driving.

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