Follow These Playground Safety Tips

Last week marked Playground Safety Awareness Week across the United States. Sponsored by the National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS), the aim is to educate and raise awareness on preventing injuries at parks and playgrounds. With this in mind, the NPPS reminds parents to be S.A.F.E when it comes to playground safety.

The “S” is a reminder to supervise your kids on the playground. Do not get distracted by your cell phone or iPad while your kids are playing. Watch what they are doing and never leave them unattended. Also, follow any posted playground rules. The “A” is for age-appropriate playgrounds. If you have a toddler, the playground’s swings should have proper restraints. In addition, the playground should not be located near major roads or highways.

The “F” is for fall surfacing at the playground. According to the NPPS, 70 percent of all playground injuries are from falls. Ideally, there should be sand or padded material to cushion any falls. Keep your eye on your kids while they are climbing, and remember that younger children should not attempt to use climbing equipment.

The “E” stands for equipment that is maintained. Never let your kids play on playground equipment with loose bolts, sharp edges or frayed ropes. Have a doctor examine your child even if he or she suffers a minor fall at a playground. Head injuries can seem minor at first, but they worsen over time.


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