How Many Americans Die Each Year from Medical Negligence?

With some of the best doctors in the world, you would think that fatal medical errors are rare in the United States. However, over half of the adverse medical events each year are due to preventable medical error, according to the Institute of Medicine. One would think that your health is not in jeopardy in a hospital, but 1 in 6 hospital patients suffers medical injuries that prolongs their hospital stay.

Overall, medical negligence kills up to 98,000 people every year in the United States, according to the Institute of Medicine. Researchers, however, think the number of deaths might actually be higher. If studies counted medical negligence deaths that occurred outside hospitals, the fatality numbers would probably skyrocket. Medical errors at outpatient surgical clinics, nursing homes and medication errors also contribute to patient deaths.

Older people are most likely to be victims of medical errors. A Harvard study showed that patients over age 65 experience medical injuries 2 to 4 times more often than younger patients are.

Deaths and injuries due to medical malpractice are completely preventable. While medical malpractice cases can be complex, they are not impossible to win. An attorney experienced in medical malpractice cases can help you or a loved one recover fair compensation for your pain and suffering.


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