How to be a Safe Pedestrian

Anyone who has ever been a car crash victim will tell you that it is an extremely stressful experience. The injuries are painful and potentially long-term, and dealing with insurance companies and medical expenses can be mentally draining. All of that can be even worse if the other driver left the accident scene without stopping.

In most states, it is illegal to leave an accident scene involving injury, death or property damage. Many serious and fatal hit-and-run accidents involve a vehicle and a pedestrian. At night, it can be difficult for drivers to see pedestrians on foot or on a bicycle. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly half of all fatal pedestrian crashes happen between 6pm and midnight. It is easy for a pedestrian to see the car’s headlights, but drivers do not always see the pedestrian.

Safety experts say a driver traveling at 60mph has less than one second to avoid a pedestrian at night. Drivers at that speed typically need at least 260 feet to stop and avoid an accident. What is the best way to stay safe at night?

·         Avoid wearing dark clothing in the evening if you plan on going for a walk or a bicycle ride.

·         Wear reflective material on your shoes or on your jacket.

·         Reflective orange vests are an inexpensive and effective method to illuminate yourself at night.

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