Celebrity Death Highlights Known Car Defects

By now, most have heard about the young actor, Anton Yelchin, who was killed when his Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled backwards down his driveway and crushed him. Unfortunately, this is not just one isolated incident; in fact, federal regulators first highlighted the issue that gave rise to the actor’s death in August of 2015. So why, after so many accidents, injuries, and death, has it not been fixed yet by the car’s manufacturer, Fiat Chrysler?

As of now, it appears that the only action that has been taken is a recall of more than one million vehicles as of April. The supposed remedy, as reported to regulators, is a necessary software change and an additional “mechanism” which is supposed to “mitigate the effect of operator error.” While Fiat has indicated that it expects this solution sometime this summer, regulators are skeptical, as the company also told them that it had solutions lined up in March of this year.


Dangerous Roll-a-way Accidents

What is specifically happening in these cars involves the electronic gearshift. Unfortunately, many car drivers have found it confusing, and thought that their cars were in “park” when in fact they were in “neutral,” and began to roll away after they exited the car.

These types of accidents can actually be quite dangerous, which is why auto safety advocates are perplexed about the lack of urgency with which the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Chrysler have operated in addressing the issue. Quite a few complaints from owners of some of Fiat Chrysler’s models have reported their vehicles rolling away and causing both accidents and injuries to others. One vehicle owner was even struck by the driver door as their vehicle started rolling backgrounds while they were stepping out of the car, causing severe, serious injuries because their pelvis was run over by the car.

We’ve heard this story before… as “research” is done and someone is looking into a serious problem, meanwhile, severe accidents continue to happen due to an obvious defect on the part of the manufacturer. And this particular issue is no small problem; as of February this year, there were over 300 complaints lodged concerning upwards of 150 crashes and injuries, including a fractured pelvis and ruptured bladder.


Vehicle Accident & Personal Injury Attorneys

Each year, thousands of Americans are injured in motor vehicle accidents. These accidents can cause serious injuries and are sometimes  due to someone else—possibly even a company—behaving carelessly. In fact, many could be prevented simply by the wrongdoer taking common sense steps to ensure safety for everyone.

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