Louisiana Ranked One of Worst States for Drivers

A recent study conducted by Carinsurance.com revealed that Louisiana ranked third worst for drivers in the country, beaten out only by Oklahoma and California. Unfortunately, Louisiana ranked in the lowest 10 states on a variety of factors assessed, such as traffic deaths per 100,000 and overall death rates.

Perhaps most alarmingly, in addition to driver negligence, it was actually state infrastructure that was cited as being heavily responsible for many road injuries and deaths; where 62 percent of the state’s roads were reported in poor or mediocre condition. In addition, a high percentage of the state’s bridges were classified as in poor condition or functionally obsolete. But what is the state doing about it?


Preventable Deaths & Questionable Costs

The specific statistics are nothing short of alarming: Louisiana and South Dakota tied for the ninth-highest death rate, and the crash-related costs for Louisiana state taxpayers came out as being close to 47 billion in 2014 alone. In fact, close to 50 percent of the traffic deaths were attributable to alcohol alone. And even in the 21st century, even given all of the seat belt education and legal mandates, over 60 percent of Louisiana driver deaths were attributed to the drivers not even wearing a seatbelt.

Unfortunately, these dire statistics also mean that average insurance premiums are also high for drivers in Louisiana; reportedly, they take up close to seven percent of the median household income. Drivers are frustrated, especially in light of the controversial activities conducted by the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles late last year to try and recoup an estimated $444 million in outstanding debts by allegedly demanding payment even when drivers claimed that they had evidence backing up their innocence.


Future Hope?

Earlier this month, the Governor formed a Transportation Infrastructure Investment Task Force to identify and make recommendations for the state legislature next year. The Task Force is supposed to ultimately lead the state into to a robust construction program that will be able to meet the many infrastructure needs. This movement includes targeting the billions of dollars in state highway and bridge maintenance funds that have been sitting backlogged.


Vehicle Accident Attorneys Serving Louisiana

Many motor vehicle accidents are caused by preventable phenomenon—people drinking and driving, roads that have not been maintained, drivers and/or passengers not wearing seatbelts, etc. And as you can see, Louisiana is still leading the country in too many injuries and deaths due to traffic accidents each year.

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