Environmental Class Action Trial Victory

New Orleans Attorneys Harrell and Nowak represented the neighborhood next to the old Air Liquide facility at 6600 Old Gentilly Road in a class action trial. The trial lasted two weeks. Today, the signed judgment from the Court was received.

Harrell & Nowak won the class action trial against Air Liqude and Global Lime.

Air Liquide was found 100% liable for Article 667 damages (inconvenience and nuisance).The Court also found that Air Liquide and Global Lime are/were liable for damages under Louisiana’s negligence and “garde” liability laws. Global Lime w…as found to be 70% liable, and Air Liquide was found to be 25% liable.

The Court awarded damages to the class representatives for personal injuries, inconvenience, and as acting as representatives on behalf of the entire class.

The class consists of the surrounding neighborhood within 1 mile from the facility.

The claims for damages arose from the defendants deviating from their own remediation plans to safely remove carbide in tanker trucks. Rather, the defendants used dump trucks spreading dangerous calcium hydroxide throughout the neighborhood.

For the latest information on the trial and to read the Court’s Judgment and Reasons click here.