Target Removes Louisiana Slip and Fall Case to Federal Court

Target is the defendant in a Louisiana slip and fall case, and the retail giant removed the case to federal court in New Orleans last month. The plaintiff filed her personal injury suit against Target in November 2010 in Terrebonne District Court. On November 28, 2009, the plaintiff was at the Target store on Martin Luther King Boulevard. She allegedly slipped and fell on the store’s floor and suffered a neck injury.

The plaintiff’s personal injury suit accuses Target of the following:

·         Failing to inspect, detect and warn of slipping hazards

·         Improper stocking procedures

·         Defective packaging

·         Other acts of negligence

The plaintiff is asking for damages for medical expenses, mental pain and anguish, lost earnings and impairment of earning capacity, pain and suffering, inconvenience, medical travel expenses, disability and impairment of enjoyment of living, loss of consortium plus interest and court costs.

Slip and fall accidents may appear minor, but the resulting injuries can be long-term and expensive. In most cases, there is a property owner or other individual responsible for the dangerous conditions. A New Orleans injury lawyer can help you recover from the responsible property owner if you suffer injuries in a premises liability case. Contact a New Orleans injury attorney for a free and informative case review.