School Bully Paralyzes Young Victim

Bullying should not be a part of a child’s educational experience, but it is a reality for too many kids in the United States. Unfortunately, bullying can harm a child emotionally as well as physically. One extreme case of bullying recently resulted in a $4.2 million settlement for the victim, who nearly died and ended up paralyzed from the bully’s violent assault.

Six years ago, Sawyer Rosenstein was a 12-year-old boy in New Jersey. A school bully punched him, but the real injury manifested two days later when he yelled out in pain at home. The bully’s punch caused a clot in a major artery above his abdomen. The clot moved to his spine where it burst and paralyzed Sawyer. Subsequently, doctors performed 19 surgeries including a complete spinal fusion.

Sawyer’s parents sued the school board and the bully who punched him. His parents alleged that the school knew or should have known about the bully’s violent tendencies. The bully had prior incidents of violence with other students. The settlement comes after three years of discovery. The school’s insurance carrier agreed to the settlement last month. The school board does not admit any liability or that it owed a duty to Sawyer or his parents.

This violent assault illustrates that injuries can be more serious than they initially appear. An assault can lead to serious internal injuries and organ damage.


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