Plastic Surgery Procedure Gives Rise to Startling Reports of Medical Malpractice

On January 6th, a judge concluded that one Florida plastic surgeon—Dr. Osak Omulepu—committed medical malpractice when he performed a procedure known as a Brazilian Butt Lift on two women. Specifically, the judge found that Omulepu violated various standards of care in performing the procedures, which involved two women’s organs being punctured, and one woman ultimately spending 28 days in a coma.

This particular procedure has become popular in the United States; in 2013 alone, U.S. cosmetic surgeons performed approximately 10,000 of the augmentations, and they appear to be increasing by the thousands each year. However, the instrument used by plastic surgeon during the procedure is especially dangerous, as it has the ability to “cut through muscle and fat like butter,” potentially contributing to unintentional perforations.

The Mistakes Involved

During a Brazilian Butt Lift, fat is taken from the patient’s stomach or back (via liposuction) and then injected into the backside in order to give the appearance of a larger butt. A surgeon who performs these procedures is expected to be able to discern between subcutaneous and muscle tissue as he or she pushes the cannula (the device used during the procedure to remove fat from the patient) through the abdominal wall.

According to the court order, both of Dr. Omulepu’s patients demonstrated—via clear and convincing evidence—that he pushed in the instrument in at an inappropriate angle, resulting in their injuries. Both patients were admitted to local hospitals afterwards. One had a hole in her colon (which was leaking fluid into her abdominal cavity) and the other had punctures in her liver and damage to her chest and abdominal wall. Both are still now dealing with the emotional and physical aftermath of the botched surgeries.  

Countless Horror Stories

Sadly, there is no shortage of horrific stories of reckless conduct surrounding these specific butt lift procedures. For example, one doctor was arrested in 2011 for injecting a woman with a combination of superglue, mineral oil, cement, and Fix-A-Flat. In another case, one woman died after injections were made to enhance her backside, and yet another woman died after receiving silicone injections into her buttocks.

Not only are there board-certified surgeons making mistakes, there are individuals knowingly placing people’s lives at risk simply to make a quick buck. It is important to remember that plastic surgery is, above all, still surgery subject to medical malpractice issues.

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