Failure to Diagnose

Failure to Diagnose Cases

Our medical malpractice attorneys see a number of cases in which doctors fail to diagnose a serious medical ailment. This means that the medical condition is allowed to progress to a point where it is much more difficult to treat than if it was caught early.

One example of a serious failure to diagnose involves cancer. If a doctor notes signs of cancer in its early stages, he or she should have the patient undergo tests just to be on the safe side. Failure to treat cancer at this early stage allows it to progress, meaning a much more costly and difficult road ahead for the patient.

How Our Legal Team Can Help You

When you speak with our medical malpractice lawyers, they will be sure to go over all the facets of your case each step of the way. By carefully considering your case, they will be able to build a strong evidence against the medical professional that wronged you, demonstrating that their bad diagnosis–whether incorrect, missed entirely, or delayed–resulted in harm to you.

Our legal team will fight to make sure that your medical bills are covered and that pain and suffering is compensated for. Since these cases of medical negligence can sometimes result in the death of a patient, our team will partner with the deceased’s loved ones to make sure that the negligent party is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Speak with Skilled Personal Injury Attorneys

For more information about medical malpractice cases such as the failure to diagnose a health problem or the delayed diagnosis of a health problem, be sure to contact our New Orleans, Louisiana personal injury lawyers today. Our medical malpractice attorneys looks forward to meeting you in person and going over all of these matters in greater detail.