Birth Defects and Fetal Injuries

We are currently reviewing birth/fetal injury cases potentially caused when the mother or father was exposed to certain types of materials or chemicals used in heavy industry. There appears to be a scientific link to some birth defects or fetal problems when the exposures occurred at chemical facilities, refineries, and other industrial facilities.

What types of birth injuries can be linked to chemical exposures?

Certain exposures to several different industrial materials can cause significant physical and mental birth/fetal defects, including, but not limited to:

  • missing organs
  • deformed organs
  • cardiac/heart defects
  • cognitive impairment

If your son, daughter, or grandchild has any of these conditions, and a parent worked at a chemical plant, refinery, or other industrial facility, you should call the lawyers at Harrell & Nowak. Their extensive experience in complex scientific and medical cases can be put to work to help you and your child who has suffered. These injuries can be very costly to the family, so seek help from an attorney who can file a claim or lawsuit on your behalf.